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“How You Can Stop Harassment from Bill Collectors from LVNV Funding LLC and Start Fixing Any Bad Credit They May Have Caused to Your Reports”

LVNV Funding LLC

If you have LVNV Funding LLC debts on your credit reports your score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.

One important thing to know about most bill collectors is that they work on commission. In other words, they only make money if you pay your debt.

So, naturally getting you to pay is their primary goal, and they are not going to want to discuss any other ways to resolve the situation.

They don’t care if the situation is fair or if you really owe the full amount. As one of their tactics of getting people to pay, bill collectors will place collections on your credit report and RUIN your credit score.

Massive Tips For Dealing with Debt Collectors from Lvnv Funding LLC or any other agency:

First of all, you should never discuss your debt with a collection agency on the phone. For your own protection, you need to have everything in writing.

Written communication is the only way to get results with LVNV Funding LLC.

Second, you have to be careful when you write letters to a bill collection agency or to the credit bureaus. Writing too many letters is worse than writing none at all. If you write too many letters, your dispute can be marked as frivolous and they’ll never listen to you after that happens.

Third, the best thing to do from day one is to ask for a debt validation. There is a limited time frame during which you can request and receive a debt validation.  You do NOT want to miss this window of opportunity if it is applicable to your situation.

Once I had learned all of this, I felt like I had totally destroyed any chance I had to get the debt removed and my credit repaired. I was extremely disappointed and very angry at myself. Of course, I was also very upset and frustrated with LVNV Funding LLC.

The best thing you can do is seek and experience professional help from a reputable source.

Lexington Law is a legitimate, professional service that gets results.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these statistics From Lexington Law!

Lexington Law removed a staggering  49,031 negative items from LVNV Funding LLC in 2012!!!

 Just think what they could do for you if you take the first step and contact them now!

 ** Numbers provided by Lexington Law, individual results may vary. Consult with a Lexington Law representative today to see what they can do for you.

Remember , you can’t fight bill collection companies like LVNV Funding LLC on your own.

Take your problem straight to Lexington Law before the collection companies have a chance to ruin your credit.

Of course the best way to maintain good credit is never to miss a payment.

But no one’s perfect, and sometimes you can’t control what expenses pop up in your life.

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